About Us

Studentcares is a exclusive Information & Communication Technology for Student & Staff Attendance Management. It makes easier E-Interaction between Teacher & Parents. It helps to Schools & Colleges for tracking their student's as well as staff attendance information. It is complete solution, for school & colleges which would help to monitoring student timely attendance.

Studentcares, a Student Attendance Solutions Company, is the biometric industry's leading independent integration and consulting firm, providing a broad range of biometric services and solutions. Since 2000 we have provided business and technical expertise in applications ranging from network security and transaction systems to access control and large-scale identification. Our clients include government agencies, leading financial institutions, Schools , Colleges, high-tech firms, and numerous Fortune 500 corporations.

We are committed to providing to our clients

  • State-of-Art technology solutions, insightful and reliable analysis of the biometric industry
  • High Performance Biometric Finger identification technology accurately identifies and authenticates users.
  • Highest Security to ensure the safety and steadfast Protection of valuable information.
  • Accurate & Categorywise Managed Reports