Bus Tracking System

Store records of childern boarding and disembarking a bus using RFID techonology.
Manage operations more efficiently and fuel savings by planning routes and times to save operational costs
Improve efficiency of in-school staff by reducing the number of telephone interruptions from parents calling about transport delays thus releasing staff to carry on with their own tasks.
Alerts you misuses of your vehicles
Allows school to privately notify a driver of unusual events directly to his driver app, without having to telephone him/her and distract them whilst driving
Our software app is fully portable from bug to bus with the driver, therefore rented or temporary substitute buses, used during breakdowns or regular downtimes for repairs, servicing and maintenance schedules, are therefore available for immediate use with our system
  • No installation costs or inconvenience whatsoever
  • Avoids rental and service charges of such tracking system
  • Can also be used in special circumstances when a school can is needed to be tracked, say an emergency or unusual situation.